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Tip of the Week

How to phantom power a cheap computer mic.

Condenser mics that are made to connect to a laptop are dirt cheap and have very good high end response. Running one on 48V phantom power is much easier than a lot of people seem to think. Just connect the capsule directly to pins 2 and 3 of your XLR, and pull pin 3 towards ground (pin 1) with a 47K resistor to create a 6V differential across the capsule.

I believe it's even roughly "impedance balanced", as the ECM floats much the way a transformer in a dynamic mic would (the 47K additional loading on one side being negligible). Just make sure neither ECM wire connects to a metal casing that might get grounded.

You can buy cheapo headset mics through eBay. I like those because they come with a little gooseneck. I use this one to mic hi-hats.

Jon Blackstone
Blackstone Appliances

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