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The Mosfet Overdrive is available directly from Blackstone, for $245. Each unit is calibrated and tested by Jon Blackstone, and shipped out of Jon’s workshop in New York.

Pedals are currently shipping within 3 days of receiving an order.

Shipping in the US costs $9. Click here to buy one to buy one if you're in the US.

We do not charge sales tax, unless you are in NY State, in which case we'll just charge you 6½%. (We'll cover the rest.)

We also ship directly to these countries:

Shipping to Canada is US$28. To any other listed country, it's US$42. Your country may charge you duty or import tax. We have no control over this.

To place an international order, click on the name of your country.

Return Policy: The pedal can be returned within 30 days if it's not your cup of tea. We just require that it be in good shape - no gunk or scratches. We refund the full $245 (but not the shipping). Contact us for instructions before returning a pedal.