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Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive downloads

Current version (2Sv3.3):

Manual (pdf)

Out-of-production models:

Blackstone "Billybox":
(Limited edition, mfd 2012)
Instead of EQ control, had "How Far" control. This boosted gain in the same way the 2Sv3's internal trimmers do, but only when "red" channel was active.
Manual (pdf)

(2Sv3's mfd before Sept 2006)
The 2Sv3.1 was sonically indentical to the current version, but had Carling switches rather than the new 3PDT switches. It can be visually distinguished by the round knurled nuts on the footswitches (v3.3's have hex nuts). Serial #s with no letter have slightly less output level.
Manual (pdf)

Similar in appearance to later versions, but says 2SV2 on nameplate. No buffered mode. EQ control ranges from flat to bass boost (at midpoint) to mid cut. Volume changes drastically with EQ change. Not as serviceable as v3 (due to CMOS channel switching and epoxy on main circuit board).
Manual (pdf)

No controls on top of pedal. Two brass thumbwheels and pickup type switch on rear panel. One thumb­wheel controls "Brown" channel drive and simul­tan­eously compensates level. Other thumbwheel controls output level (both channels). "Red" channel drive fixed at maximum. Does not say "2Sv1" on pedal.
Manual (pdf)

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The Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive, Model 2Sv3
'2S' stands for 'two-switch'.
(There never was a '1S'.)