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Blackstone Sound Clips

On these two clips, a TS808 Tube­screamer is used as a reference, since a lot of people are familiar with this pedal.

Chords on the TS, then on Blackstone,
single notes on TS, then on Blackstone.

Arpeggios and chords.
Entire riff on the TS, then on Blackstone.

Note how the Blackstone gets brash only when pushed. It is more even in volume, but more varied in harmonic generation.  

This clip demonstrates how the Blackstone and 3 other pedals "clean up" from the guitar controls. Chord with guitar's volume pot at 6, then turned up to 10.

1.Tubescreamer, 2.Matchless Hot Box,
3.Klon Centaur, 4.Blackstone


Here are some tracks recorded by our customers using the Blackstone:

Jump Johnny Jump - Frankie Velvet   info
Features Johnny (Fontana) Kulinich on guitar - who tells us the track is "ALL Blackstone".

Lies - Jason Davis   info
Jason Davis' last 3 albums make extensive use of the Blackstone, usually for high-gain sounds.

   hear Z Z Top's Futura on Amazon
Billy Gibbons tells us that the Blackstone is all over the latest ZZ Top studio album.

If your band has recorded a track that exemplifies the Black­stone, let us know about it! If it's online somewhere, email us the URL.


The Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive
is built in New York City and sold directly by the maker.  $245